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Berthoud Pass is the closest backcountry terrain to the Front Range Splitfest event occurring in Winter Park. The zone is access friendly with a primary parking lot at the top of the pass and several small pull-offs along the way. Friends of Berthoud Pass has done an excellent job of compiling some old resources from the time that Berthoud Pass was a resort, but if you are looking for in-depth info then you’ll want to take a look at the guide from Beacon Guidebooks.

Winter Park

Inbounds Uphill Policy

Once the Resort has opened for the ski season, uphill access is allowed on any trail that is open that day (or in the case of early morning access, was open the day before) but only within the following territories: 

  • In the Winter Park Territory: All trails. 

  • In the Mary Jane Territory: All trails except double black diamond Extreme Terrain, and the Trestle, Runaway, Sluice Box, and Pine Cliffs trails. 

  • In the Parsenn Bowl: Only Village Way, unless the Panoramic Express is open to the public and then all trails are available for uphill access. 

  • In the Vasquez Ridge Territory: All trails. 

Uphill access is not allowed in any of the other Territories. Upon skinning up, if it is during operational hours you may ski/ride down any open trail, except those within the Terrain Park Territory. If it is outside operational hours, you may only ski/ride down within the Territories and trails indicated above. 

Berthoud Pass

Friends of Berthoud Pass

Take a look at the original resort maps and see what lines suit your fancy best. Don’t forget to be checking avalanche danger on the CAIC site. Berthoud Pass has plenty of low angle terrain, but it also has access to lines that can be rather problematic with our snowpack.


Beacon Guidebooks


Author and founder of Front Range Ski Mountaineering (frontrangeskimo.com), Rob Writz has put his breadth of knowledge into this guidebook. After years of experience on Berthoud Pass, Writz shares the details of the goods and steeps.

Beacon Guidebooks newest release boasts big lines, mellow day tours and everything in between. Every skier can find suitable terrain for their experience and style in this guidebook. Featuring aerial photos, avalanche terrain ratings, slope angle, aspect and other important information, this is more than just a guidebook. It’s a decision making tool.

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